our team of experienced Experts


At Talent Smart Solutions, three accomplished leaders helm our boutique firm, bringing a wealth of expertise and a unique global perspective. Together, they are steadfast in their commitment to bolstering clients success by ensuring that top-tier talent is always within their reach.

Our Team

Ahmed Daoud is a distinguished Executive Headhunter with a rich chronicle of over 15 years, delivering on strategic executive roles and recruitment projects. His varied experience spans multinational and local organizations in Brazil and across the MENA region, providing him with a unique global perspective.

Mohamed Ali Chabaane is a seasoned Recruiter and Certified Career Strategist, bringing a wealth of global recruitment experience spanning North America, Western Europe, and the Arab region. His specialty lies in Tech & Business recruitment, where he has demonstrated a knack for discovering exceptional talent in dynamic industries such as FinTech, EdTech, SaaS, messaging, Cloud, ERP, data centers, insurance, retail, and e-commerce.

Darcie is an accomplished entrepreneur and a driving force in the world of talent acquisition. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, specializing in human resources management from the Business School of the University of Sherbrooke, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role.